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LeopardToday’s Photo: A Leopard

This photo of a Persian leopard was taken this summer at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. This is a pretty cool cat. Here is some more information from the zoo website:

“Persian leopards are more densely haired, with finer hair, and are more cold-tolerant than Panthera pardus of Africa and India. The hind-limbs are larger than the forelimbs to facilitate jumping. Forward-looking eyes allow for depth perception and the ability to isolate and capture prey. The forepaws are equipped with long, retractile claws to grab and hold prey. The rough tongue is designed to peel the skin of the prey animal away from the flesh, and the flesh from the bone. This is a solitary animal, seeking a mate only during the breeding season. They are nocturnal, doing their hunting at night, and rest during the day. Leopards are considered the best stalkers among the big cats. They close in silently, attack swiftly, then usually drag their catch into a tree for safekeeping. They are strong swimmers, but are not as fond of water as the tiger. Their eyesight is keen, and their sense of smell is better developed than that of the tiger. They are territorial, marking primarily with urine or calls. Their roar sounds like a saw rasping on coarse wood. They are good climbers”.

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Today’s Quote: “A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit”. – Ivy Compton-Burnett

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