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cuyahoga river in cleveland

Today’s Photo: A River Runs Through It

From the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History:

“The Cuyahoga River divides the east and west sides of Cleveland. It  originates in springs in the highlands of Geauga County, in the adjoining  townships of Hambden and Montville. The 2 sources, forming the East and West  branches of the river, are 35 mi. east of Cleveland. The river flows southwest  to Cuyahoga Falls, on the northern edge of Akron, where it drops into a large,  deep valley and turns sharply north, thus forming the letter U with its 80-mi.  course. Upon reaching Cleveland, about 6 mi. from its mouth, it becomes a sharply  twisting stream before emptying into Lake Erie. It is believed that the Mohawk  Indians meant “crooked river” when they called it  “Cayagaga,” although the Senecas called it “Cuyohaga,” or  “place of the jawbone.” Originally the old river bed’s last bend took
the mouth westward along the lakeshore to Weddell St. (now W. 54th St.), until  the present mouth was dug in 1827 to form Whiskey Island and a more direct channel which leads straight into Lake  Erie. The business district of the early city fronted on the river, where
steamers, schooners, and canal boats exchanged imported goods for the products  of local industry. In the 1850s and 1860s, shipyards lining the old ship  channel on the west side turned out hundreds of vessels of all classifications.”

For more info:  http://ech.cwru.edu/ech-cgi/article.pl?id=CR9

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