Cleveland Cultural Gardens


cleveland cultural gardens

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are a collection of public gardens located in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland, Ohio. The gardens are situated along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive within the 276 acre of wooded parkland on the city’s East Side. In total, there are 31 distinct gardens, each commemorating a different ethnic group whose immigrants have contributed to the heritage of the United States over the centuries, as well as Cleveland.

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  • judith sokoloff Says:

    Hello Brent,
    Na’aamt Woman Magazine (NYC) is looking for a photo of the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland. I see you have a general one.
    Do you have any of the Jewish section?
    We’re doing an article on Jewish Cleveland.

    • Brent Says:


      I do have a few photos from the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland. If you give me your email address I will be happy to send you what I have.

      All the best,


  • judith sokoloff Says:

    Sorry, it’s Na’amat Woman

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