Cuyahoga County Court House Steps


cuyahoga county courthouse

I am going to finish the week the way a started it, with a photo of the old Cuyahoga County Court House steps. 2012 marks the 100th birthday of the Cuyahoga County Court House on Lakeside Avenue. The courthouse was designed by Charles Morris along with Lehman and Schmitt and is one of the finest examples of the Beaux-Arts style in the city. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • T.J. Powell Says:

    Nice shot. I have seen photos of these steps before and my fiends had wedding photo there. How do you get access/permission to take photos there? I would love to do it sometime.

    • Brent Says:

      Thanks for the comment! I just walked in and asked to take photos. They said it was OK but I wasn’t allowed to use a tripod so I took everything hand held. The one guard told me that there was a lady that I could contact if I wanted to use a tripod. Unfortunatly I was in a hurry and I never got her name and number. Sorry, hope this helps. Brent

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