Mar 24 2017

Severance Hall Lobby


Severance Hall Lobby

Today’s Photo: Severance Hall Lobby


From the Cleveland Orchestra website:

“After the Cleveland Orchestra’s inaugural concert at Severance Hall on February 5, 1931, a Cleveland newspaper editorial stated: “We believe that Mr. Severance intended to build a temple to music and not a temple to wealth; and we believe it is his intention that all music lovers should be welcome there.” John Long Severance was the president of the Musical Arts Association from 1921-1936, and he and his wife Elisabeth donated most of the funds necessary to erect the magnificent building meant to be the permanent home of the Orchestra. Severance Hall was designed by Walker & Weeks with an elegant Georgian exterior that harmonized with the classical architecture of other prominent buildings in the
University Circle area. The interior of the building reflects a combination of design styles, including Art Deco, Egyptian Revival, Classicism, and Modernism. The landmark building was recognized as one of the most modern, up-to-date concert facilities in America when it opened in 1931”.

Mar 7 2012

The Cleveland Masonic Temple


Cleveland Masonic Temple

Today’s Photo: The Cleveland Masonic Temple

From the Cleveland Historical site:

“The Masonic Temple and Performing Arts Center at 3615 Euclid Avenue was completed in 1921. The original plans for a high-rise office building addition to the temple, however, were never implemented. The Masonic Auditorium was home to the Cleveland Orchestra for ten years prior to the opening of Severance Hall in 1931, and it continued to be used as the setting for most of the orchestra’s recordings long thereafter as a result of its fine acoustics. The building also is home to the Cleveland Masonic Library and Museum, as well as budding arts groups like: Dancing Wheels (a wheelchair ballet group), RED: An Orchestra (an avant-garde ensemble) and The Singing
Angels (a youth choir)”.

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