Feb 11 2013

Charles Brush


Charles brush

Today’s Cleveland photo: The Charles Brush Memorial

Here is some information about Charles Brush from the Green Energy Ohio website: “Like fellow Ohioan Thomas Edison, Charles F. Brush, born in Euclid in 1849, was a restless backyard tinkerer and clever entrepreneur. A child prodigy, by age 15 he had built electrical gadgets and microscopes and telescopes for school chums. Brush graduated from the University of Michigan in 1869, with a degree in mining engineering. Brush is best remembered for his dynamo and arc lights, which illuminated a Cincinnati physician’s home in 1878 then Cleveland Public Square in 1879. These and more than 50 patented innovations made Brush a wealthy man. His company, Brush Electric Company, merged with companies that eventually formed General Electric, which still brings good things to light”. More info on Brush and his electric windmill: http://www.greenenergyohio.org/page.cfm?pageId=341

For more information about other famous Clevelanders check out the Citiview website: http://citiviewcleveland.com/features/famous-clevelanders/

“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Feb 15 2012

Inside the President James A. Garfield Memorial


"james a garfield monument"

Today’s photo was taken inside the President James A. Garfield Memorial in Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

From the Lakeview Cemetery website: “Designed by architect George Keller, the Garfield Monument was dedicated on Memorial Day, 1890. The Garfield Monument stands 180 feet tall and is constructed of Berea Sandstone. Around the exterior of the balcony are five, terra cotta panels by Casper Bubel, with over 110 figures all life size, depicting Garfield’s life and death. The panels include Garfield as a teacher, as Major General in the Civil War, an orator, taking the oath of office and laying in state in the rotunda of the Capital in Washington DC”.

For more info: http://www.lakeviewcemetery.com/garfield.php

Today’s Quote: “A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil”. – James A. Garfield

Dec 15 2011

The Haserot Angel


Haserot angel famousToday’s Photo: The Haserot Angel

One of Lake View Cemetery’s most famous piece of graveside sculpture has to be the Haserot Angel. The Angel sits over Francis Haserot and his family. The angel is holding a snuffed out torch upside down and because of weathering it appears to be crying. For more information on the Haserot Angel and The Haserot family click here:


Today’s Quote:

“If we do not help a man in trouble, it is as if we caused the trouble.”   Nachman of Bratslav

Oct 19 2011

James A. Garfield Monument


Garfield Monument lakeview

Today’s Photo: James A. Garfield Monument

Located in beautiful Lakeview Cemetery, the James A. Garfield Monument is the final resting place of the 20th President of the United States and his family. Lake View’s most famous memorial was paid for by contributions from the citizens of the United States, and dedicated in 1890. It rests on the highest point in the Cemetery. From the second floor balcony, visitors can enjoy a five-mile view of downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie.

President Garfield is the only American President that you would be able to visit his birthplace, home and final resting place in one day.

For more info:

On the Monument:    http://www.gfdstudios.com/lakeview/garfield.php

For more information on his birth site, please visit http://www.morelandhills.com/historical_2.html.
His home, the James A. Garfield National Historic Site, in Mentor is owned and operated by The National Park Service. For more information please visit http://home.nps.gov/jaga/index.htm.

Quote of the day: Territory is but the body of a nation. The people who inhabit its hills and valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life. – James A. Garfield