Feb 25 2013

Wade Hall at the Cleveland Zoo


wade hall

Built in 1884 and named after Jeptha H. Wade, one of the founding members of Western Union Telegraph, Wade Hall is one of the oldest zoo buildings in North America. Originally located in Wade Park, the first home of the Cleveland Zoo, it was later relocated to its present location.  A wooden deck surrounds the building providing a scenic view of Waterfowl Lake

For more info on Wade Hall:


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Mar 21 2012

Giraffes hanging out at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


giraffe cleveland metroparks zoo

Giraffes can grow to 18 feet tall and are the largest living mammals on earth. These two beautiful animals can be found in the African Plains at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

For more info: http://www.clemetzoo.com/animals/index.asp?action=details&animals_id=1045

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Jan 3 2012

Standing Alone


Single Flower at the cleveland zoo

Today’s Photo: Standing Alone

Today’s photo was taken at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. I thought everyone could use a little bit of spring on a day like this. It’s only a few months away!

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